“Physical therapy has greatly improved how I function on a day-to-day basis. The therapy has also help retrain me to do things such as lifting, sitting, and bending so I don’t injure my back/spine. Before therapy, I struggled to walk for exercise and could barely walk around my block. Now, after therapy I am able to walk like I did before my injury 4-5 miles a day, for an hour.”


When I began physical therapy I was having extreme difficulty doing everyday tasks; difficulty sleeping through the night and had a constant ache in my left shoulder. My range of motion was very limited. After therapy, I was finally able to sleep through the night and return to doing almost all of my day to day routines with little or no difficulty. My range of motion increased significantly from when I first began.”


I began my therapy for frozen shoulder. I felt very handicapped and had sharp pain in my right shoulder doing the simplest moves. My range of moving my arm was very limited. I began physical therapy 3 times a week and was amazed by the progress I saw each week. I started to feel normal again and my limitation decreased. Today, I feel like my old self. I can do anything I could before. Thanks the awesome staff at EDGE I have my life back. Their expertise and knowledge is amazing. I highly recommend them for any need you might have.”


I have had physical therapy at other locations, but I have never had the positive results that I have received after having PT at Edge! The staff here is the best!”


At first, when I walked through the door I was skeptical about what physical therapy could do for me that I couldn’t do on my own. Based on my first visit results, the flexibility on my injured ankle compared to my normal ankle revealed visible limited mobility. As I write this on my last visit, reflecting back on day one, I could not have done this on my own. Walking out of here today, I feel confident that I can go back to my normal workout/routine.


I was having constant pain in my right hip along with tingling down both legs to my toes. After completing physical therapy I rarely have pain in my hip and the tingling sensation is completely gone. Not only is the pain gone, but my core muscles are stronger than they ever have been. Going to physical therapy is one of the best things I have done for myself.”


I feel so much better and much more confident. Everything was carefully explained to me…not only what I needed to do, but why it worked and why it was important. I finished therapy confident that I could continue to improve at home without risk of further injury. Every staff member was pleasant and professional and caring. I have been to several other practices for other injuries, but this is the ONLY one I would highly recommend to family and friends.”


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